Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tayberries and Writing

This lovely soft fruit is a hybrid of a raspberry and a blackberry. The garden is not nearly large enough but I have a sprawling tayberry bush that produces an incredible amount of fruit.  The gorgeous weather at the moment means I have been picking a big bowl of them every day.

There are too many to eat them all in one day, especially as the strawberries have done really well this year too. So, I will hull and rinse them and then freeze them on a baking tray, that way they do not freeze in a clump, but as individual berries. I then prise the frozen berries off the baking tray the next day and put them in a zip-loc bag for later use.

One of the things we do with the frozen fruit, especially on a summer's day is let the fruit defrost slightly and then pour over white chocolate sauce, or we might make a 'Croydon Mess' (??) with a tayberry splattered merringue and cream. Lovely. In the colder months I will add them to chopped apples and cover with crumble. Delicious.

On another matter, I have found that interesting anecdotes and other subjects I would like to write about will pop into my head at quite a frequency, usually when running - and then pop right out again ! Does this happen to everyone else ? This is downright annoying !! Is this why writers carry little notebooks with them, so they can stop and jot ?? More significantly so .. does this actually mean I am really becoming a writer ? You know, I think this could signify the start of something special,  I guess I better go get me that notebook.

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