Friday, July 23, 2010

Yellow courgettes !

I actually thought that this year I had planted yellow long courgettes, and also traditional green, long courgettes. However, as you can see from the photo below it would appear not !

I have lovely bright, bright yellow long courgettes, and also these lovely round ones. Tonight I chopped all of this up and sit fried it - mainly because I wanted to see what the inside of the round one looked like - well, it looked exactly like a courgettes, only obviously there was more of it. Looking at this now, I am thinking how good those round ones would be to stuff. Basically, chop the little head off and the green (just like you would on a pumpkin), scrape out the inner. Then, chop the inner and saute with garlic, onions, mushrooms herbs and cheese. Pile the filling back into the courgette 'case'. Wrap the whole thing in tin foil and bake in the oven at 200 deg. for approximately 15-20mins. Maybe leaving the tin foil off for the last five minutes.. Or, you could just toss the courgettes on the barbecue wrapped in foil and take the foil off for the last few mins. This is a lovely vegetarian meal, if it wasn't for the cheese this would even be a vegan meal... which pleases me immensely.

I have many of these all coming to fruit right now. I know I could make some form of chutney with the courgette, but that seems to be such a waste of a garden-fresh vegetable. I have before used thinly sliced (with a vegetable peeler !) courgettes as an alternative to a pasta layer in a lasagne. I have to say it really worked, tasted delicious and really lightened the lasagne... I also fancy grating raw courgettes, or maybe cutting really long, thin matchsticks of courgettes seasoned well and tossed in a mix of olive oil and lemon juice and then mized with some cheese - maybe some feta or goats cheese, and maybe some broad beans or soy beans in there too. All piled high on a piece of ciabatta or french bread. If I make that I will take a photo and put it on here..

You know what, I'm even making myself salivate at the thought...

Nature's Bounty - love it !


  1. Those yellow courgettes look so beautiful it's almost a shame to eat them, but then the recipes sound so lovely too.....

  2. I've never heard of a courgette before LOL!! I wonder if they are the same vegetable we call 'squash' or 'yellow zucchini' over here? If so, I love slicing and grilling them with spices... or even battering them with flour and frying them (with ranch dressing for dipping of course).

  3. Thank you Cottage Garden Farmer - they are beautiful aren't they.

    Hey Candace my American friend... yes, courgettes are the British word for 'zucchini'. I'll let you know what 'hundreds and thousands' are next.

    Thank you for your comments - you know I love 'em!


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