Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally - A Relaxing Day Off!

Today Biscuit Boy and I had a day off work. Cup cake was at school, so it was just the two of us. What to do ? Of course, we did what we always do on a day like this and took out the racing bikes and headed for the hills. Well, one hill in particular that National Trust Area of Outstanding Beauty - Boxhill. Here's a link:

We left at 0850 and arrived at 10.30, so a good 1hr 30mins of cycling, in fact we extended our usual route a little, when there was only 2 miles left to the destination, BB called out 'Shall we carry on ?' I was feeling quite 'fit', so I agreed. I really enjoy cycling, but not in traffic. Fortunately this route has a lot of small winding tree-lined roads or roads with fields either side, but we also have to cut across a busy 'A' road, twice I was passed by a huge lorry that literally made my bike shake, and I'm being honest when I say I struggled to stay on.. that's probably an exageration, but that's what it felt like. Refreshed by coffee and coffee cake (Yum!) we headed back, leaving at 11am and returning by 12.30 - all in all we cycled just over 50km, My back was really aching but other than that I felt good, energised and happy. Oh, the restorative benefits of exercise, it's no wonder it's recommended for beating depression. I had a totally 'feel good' feeling. Back home, that continued after a quick shower and change, it was back out for a spot of lunch. We live really near to a huge IKEA, so we both continued the healthy theme with a salad.

Later, BB gave me a break from the school run and also Cup cake's new swimming class. So, all in all (Other than the hour spent giving the garden chairs a second coat of varnish) I had a really nice, happy, relaxing day.

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