Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yoga... Finally !

Today, I finally got to a yoga class. My friend had come over during the week and we have been to numerous classes together before over the last few years - yoga, exotic dancing (at the local leisure centre) and even badminton once..

So when she mentioned wanting to lose a few pounds and I mentioned that we had said about going to yoga and that I knew of a local class, she jumped at the chance - as did I.

The class took place in a converted house near to where my friend's mom lives, so we parked the car there and walked the five minutes to the house. As soon as we walked through the door, someone approached us 'Are you new ? You need to take your shoes off !' Well, how were we to know ? Never meaningly offensive,  we quickly removed our shoes. The other class member showed us to the instructor who asked us whether we had practised yoga before (they always say 'practise' like you're a GP or something...) and we said that yes we had, but not for a while.. and yes, we are injury-free and not pregnant.

So, the class started nothing out of the ordinary, some warming stretches, some salutations, some varied poses, and a nice bit of post-relaxation at the end which was actually very good. You know when you are about to fall asleep and some limb or another twitches? Well, that actually happened during the relaxtion at the end of the session, which to me shows that the relaxation must have been working.

The only downside is that I think the class was quite expensive, although having checked they are charging the going rate.. it's just that for that amount I could belong to my gym for a month, go to yoga once a week and swim, use the gym and go to the other classes...

Whilst I may not return to that class, it was a joy to be back in that environment so I will continue to search for another class to try and in the meantime I will dig out the Yogalates DVD and give that a go, or maybe the yoga on the Wii which I have tried before and is actually quite good. Well, Nameste everyone. Peace !


  1. They have Yoga classes at the gym I'm a member of. However, it's Vinyasa yoga (which is a bit intense for me). I like the gentle yoga, since I'd rather do it for the spiratual, getting centered purpose. My matron of honor is a world traveled yoga master... if you come for my wedding I'm sure she'll lead some classes for free :) - Candace

  2. I think my brother does the kind you mention.. not for me either, altho I do find it fun trying to get into and hold those positions, the relaxation is definitely the best bit. I would love to meet your matron of honor I am always so inspired and in awe of those that live and breathe their yoga - it really is a calling. Nameste Candace. x


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