Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mid 2017 Update

An  update is long over due on this here blog of mine. It's the middle of July for goodness sake and I have just noticed that I have only managed one post so far this year. Sorry about that.

It's not surprising really, but here's a quick update on the last few months. I very quickly realised, around February-ish, that interfering in CC's GCSE revisions plans was a huge mistake. Any attempts resulted in stand offish behaviour and tears, and that was just from me! CC seemed to have it all planned out and, although at times I didn't think she was quite working hard enough, I have confidence in her, and let's face it, the results in August will speak for themselves...

Not having to focus on CC's revision was good news for two reasons. Firstly, it meant that I could rest more and with the overwhelming fatigue that occurred for the first half of the year, it meant that I spend most of the first half of the year with my eyes shut on the sofa, without the guilt of worrying that I was not adequately supporting my daughter. There was a build up of pressure behind my eyes, caused by the pituitary tumour and at times there was nothing more that I could do, other than sleep.

I've never been one for napping. Those people that nod off on the bus, I always questioned how they could do that. Now I understand. Not that I took to falling asleep on public transport, but I was as tired during the day as I would usually be at night.. Actually, as an occasional insomniac, the fatigue that engulfed me during the day was worse than fatigue after a normal working day. I had no choice in this sleeping, I literally had to sleep. And then I would sleep at night too.

Anyway, I digress. Secondly, not worrying about CC meant that, when I did have the energy, I could train and enter and the London League triathlon group of events. At the time of writing, I'm in first position in the 40-44 age group. I still have one race to complete before the end of the season to have completed the required number of races.

So, why on earth wouldn't I complete all of the races? Well, just over a week ago now, on July 6, I had my pituitary tumour surgery, where the little blighter was removed via my nostrils. Yes, that's correct, the ENT surgeon goes in first and removes bone and tissue (eugh) from inside the nose to 'make space'  for the neurosurgeon to remove the tumour.

The surgery was a success, and I'm now in recovery. The post-op fatigue at this point feels every bit as bad as the pre-op fatigue, but I'm hopeful that it will fade in time.

So, that's an update on me. What about you? What's floating your boat, or sinking your swim at the moment. Leave me a comment, you know you want to.

PS> How much cooking have I done lately? Absolutely none. The closest I've got to cooking is watching Great British Menu What a great show. Ok, so I've 'made' a few smoothies and juices, which have been lovely, but I don't really count those as cooking. I'm hoping to get back to that again soon. However, I'm trying to pace myself. And. Not. Rush. Myself. TTFN.