Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Massaging My Inner Hippy

Is it just me, or do we all have an 'inner hippy' ? After days of wearing corporate suits, catching trains and buses and slurping down air conditioning, I long to let my hair down (quite literally) and tip toe bare foot through a field with arms full of flowers, a guitar swung over my shoulder and daisy chains around my wrists and ankles. Can't you almost sense the smell of freedom ?

I love my inner hippy - she is the girl I long to be. The woman that doesn't give a damn about petty stuff and just 'is'. I mostly get to let my inner hippy out when I visit Labour of Love. In the area of Labour of Love there are more animals than people, more countryside than roads and absolutely no air conditioning despite the high temperatues - walls of stone a foot thick take care of that. When I am there, I am not at work, I am on holiday. So, out goes the city stuff and out comes the hippy stuff, I get to not wash that often.. (Not always through choice!), I get to walk in the hills, and I get to just be.. Soon I will also have the guitar as well, as a friend who is leaving the area has donated hers to my Hippy Lifestyle Plan. I like that 'Hippy Lifestyle Plan' I think I will refer to that from now on.

Sometimes my worlds collide, so it was with interest that the other day that I saw a website advertising a running club called 'Vegan Runners', now my hippyness does not stretch to veganism (yet..) but I have had some contact with some vegans when I did a cake stall a couple of times at Kingston Green Festival. Now there's a hippy event if ever there was one. Kids got to paint a van (yes an actual van) with paint. How cool and free is that ? I feel that I could possibly easily become a vegan, but the only product I have switched the whole family to from a Vegan perspective is 'Pure' Margarine which is soy-based and 'vegan-friendly' (is that a word?) So, note to self: Check out the Vegan Runners web site.

You know it's almost as if the more 'city' things I do, the more 'hippy' things I need to do to try and create a sense of balance. Are other people like this ? Please do leave a comment and tell me...

I just remembered why I was looking at Vegan Runners.. someone on there apparently did a review of Andover triathlon. Why was I reading about Andover triathlon ??? Oh my goodness, because I signed up to do it... This. Sunday. Oh. My. Goodness.

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