Sunday, June 5, 2011

Juneathon #Day 5 - Seaford Half Marathon

After a late night, we had an early start and left for Seaford at 6.45 this morning. There was a lack of traffic and we arrived nicely on time for the 9am start. That's me at the start looking all and nice and fresh. :o)

I ran this race back in 2007, I have a loathing of repeating races, so I don't really know why I signed up for this one again.. Back in 2007 it was a swelteringly scorching day, today it rained and I was glad.

The official times aren't out yet, but I know I managed around 2:11, 2:12 which isn't bad for a half which goes across the South downs and has you  crossing stiles every few minutes. My time would have been about 3-4 minutes quicker, but I had to stop for a loo stop. I totally still haven't worked out the nutrition, which doesn't bode well for my marathon in October. Still, a few months yet to hone my 'skills' in that 'area'. I know that the stop not only cost me about 20 race places, but it also completely broke my stride. I didn't manage to regain my position. Maybe I just shouldn't eat anything for the 2 days before my marathon !!! Seriously, I'd be very interested to hear what other people's pre-race nutrition consists of.

Overall, I'm pleased that I'm not totally exhausted after this race, previous races have seen me finish the race, get in the car and sleep all the way home, and then go to bed when I get home.. I've no idea what that's all about ? Today, I'm fine, a nice long, hot bath and I am ready for a 'warm down' run tomorrow for Juneathon # day 6.

Official Results

Wow! I didn't think the results would be out today, but they are!! I did 2:12:51.

This means I was: 65th female overall (out of 160 female runners)
41st female under 40 (out of 100 females under 40) I also out-run 37 guys in my age group.
Overall I was 272nd out of 484 runners.

What did we learn ?
I think we all take something away from every race that we do. Today, I learned that I definitely need to sort out my tum, but overall I'm happy with the stats.

PS> No joggy-bloggy-loggy thing today, as I couldn't find the html to be able to put it on this page. I added the race a while back, and added my results just now, but it doesn't show up on my training 'record'. No idea why this is, and frankly right now I'm too tired to worry about it. Now, where's that red wine ? :o)


  1. Stiles? That sounds more like a steeplechase!

  2. Well done. Sounds like a stunningly beautiful but tough race!

  3. That's s brilliant time, 41st female well done - hope you enjoyed the wine.

  4. Hi abradypus,

    Yes, at some point those stiles just get to be bit too much. My legs stopped wanting to function, but I still prefer this kind of race to a road race. :o)

    Hi fairweatherrunner, Thank you! It is beautiful, trouble is you have to watch where you're going or trip over something, the final descent is next to a steep cliff which goes into the sea. I have a slight fear of heights and it totally freaks me out! I'm doing Kielder marathon in Oct because it's billed as the UK's most beautiful. :o)

    Hi Mumwhatruns, Thank you! Only 41st in the under 40s tho, could've been so much quicker... still, next time! The wine has gone down very well ! :o)

    Bring it on Juneathon day 6! Let's go for it!

  5. Well done, that's a fantastic time... Particularly including stiles!!! I'm afraid I'm no use on race nutrition I never got it right and consequently had to stop, and queue, for the toilets 3 times in the vlm, so if you do get any good tops, I'll be interested too!!

  6. Ps... Kielder is absolutely gorgeous and much deserves its title. I've cycled it, never run it, and it's a tricky one... Very hilly so get that hill training on the training plan!! ;-)

  7. Hi Magiee,

    Thank you! Three times! At least they had toilets, I guess. Please tell me there are toilets at Kielder, I'm quite worried about that!

    I can't wait to go to Kielder, we've booked a lodge right on the lake for the night before and night after, it looks amazing.. Now, these hills, please tell me - are they steep or 'undulating??' :o)


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