Thursday, June 2, 2011

Juneathon # Day 2

Today's run never happened. BB had told me Cupcake would be 'up for' a short run today, but yesterday's experience told me otherwise. CC had insisted she wanted to do Juneathon too though, and as it's half term, it's not like I can exercise in my free hour after work, whilst she's at school is it ? (like I usually do).

So, I came up with the next best thing: Wii Fit. We bought the Wii about 3 years ago now, and we rarely use it, more through a lack of time than anything else, but actually today's exercise session worked out great. Here's what we did.

5 minute intervals on Wii fit for a total of 30 minutes (including step+, jogging, boxing and one go on the balance board for me)

Whilst CC did her 5 minutes, I got on the mat and did a selection of squats, sit ups, presses and leg stretches.  I added ankle weights and wrist weights for extra resistance. So, I probably got in 50-60 minutes of exercise in total.

Proof of exercise !!!
All in all it was a fantastic workout, without even leaving my front door. Result ! And if you need proof check me out in the lounge doing my exercise. Excuse the blur, obviously because I was moving SO fast. Ha!

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