Saturday, June 4, 2011

Juneathon - Day 4

It's Saturday and it was always going to be difficult for me to be able to fit in some exercise today. I went and made it worse by having arranged to spend the day in Birmingham with my family, seeing my sister, my parents and my brother all at  my brother's house. Birmingham is 140 miles from South London, so I don't get up to Birmingham that often.

We were tempted to do Banstead Woods park run before we left, but with it not starting until 9am, and having already promised my lovely sister-in-law that we would arrive by 11.30am we knew that Banstead Woods would be a non-starter..

Just over a year ago, my brother reached a milestone birthday and was feeling overweight and he said how he was struggling to reach his feet to get his socks on in the morning. 'You need to do yoga' I said, it's great, it makes you flexible, it tones you up. It's a perfect workout. But, it wasn't just yoga, we talked about running, the gym, spinning classes, healthy lifestyle. Well, what a turnaround, just over a year later my brother has completely turned things around, and he now even teaches yoga ! When I arrived there this morning, I said 'Right Bro, please can you give me a little taster of your yoga please - I need to do some exercise today - and here and now is the only time I've got'. At first, he thought I was joking, but then I said about mats and he got a CD out, and, well, about 40 minutes later I was nicely warm - and well, day 4 of Juneathon was absoluutely well and truly in the bag. I never thought I would say this, but  this is the first time I have practised yoga with my brother, and I have to say he is a fantastic yoga teacher. I was truly impressed.

Here are some photos of the session, I have to thank my lovely nephew for patiently sitting and taking over one hundred photos as we worked our way through it. If you are lucky enough to live near Birmingham, I suggest you give the classes a go. Here's the site:

I'm loving my toned arms on this one.

I think you can tell we're from the same gene pool in this one. Funny.

How does he do that ??

X-factor pose (according to my bro) well, that's what he was doing...

At this point, I should say bid Good Luck to my bro, who is starting a 14-day raw diet starting tomorrow. He was trying to persuade me to do it with him, but what with Juneathon and everything else going on, I just laughed in his face.

Half marathon tomorrow, and I'm feeling good ! Bring on Juneathon day 5!

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  1. Great activity, great post, and how lucky you are to have your very own pet yoga teacher, even if he does live too far away to take advantage of.

  2. That yoga looks like hard work!! Hope your half marathon has gone well today :-)

  3. Hi abradypus, Thank you for stopping by. I know, my own pet yoga teacher, how cool is that! I am going to have to go to Birmingham more often,
    or get him to come down here and teach. Ew! that's a good idea, I could probably set him up a class as a guest teacher somewhere. Hold that thought. :o)

  4. Hi magiee, I just love yoga, it really chills me out. It is hard work though, but it's great cross training for a runner, or triathlete - all that stretching. If you can find a class that incorporates relaxation and meditation too then that makes it even better. Half marathon race report coming up - I'm pleased to report that it went well. Another race done. :o) All the best, KG.


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