Monday, June 6, 2011

Juneathon # Day 6

I'll be honest, after my little half marathon yesterday my legs are feeling like lead today. So, horror of horrors, as it was raining and I was achy - I took the bus to walk instead of walking for 20 minutes. When I arrived at work, I took the lift instead of taking the lift. I would have had a gentle run in Hyde Park at lunchtime, but it had been raining so hard, so I thought I'd take a late lunch.

We've been bunny baby sitting for the past week, and they were being collected tonight, so I cleaned them out and got their stuff together for going home. Then CC and I did her homework, some tutor work, some of her blog ( I made her lunch, her tea and I got ready for work tomorrow, folded the washing etc. Then started preparing my spag bog for myself and BB once the bunnies were gone home.

The bunny owners arrived, and left, and arrived again (the took an old hutch I had got off freecycle and was suprplus to requirements), then I swept hay, and rose petals and basic clearing up.

Now it's very nearly 10pm and I'll be up again tomorrow at 5.15 (yawning just thinking about it..) So before I get into bed tonight my Juneathon effort for today will be a very small set of crunches, and I;ll be grateful that it's even that. My abs are already aching I think that is due to the yoga on Saturday, but also maybe from all of the 'jogging' of my body as raced down those stony cliffs yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll be back on the walk to work and a nice run after work now that CC is back at school.

Day 7 tomorrow - one week done !!!

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