Monday, September 9, 2013

Veganism - week 1

It has been a good week, and I did manage a whole week of a vegan diet, and then I lapsed. Don't get me wrong, I haven't eaten any meat, fish, or an actual egg, but I did have some biscuits and a piece of cake (that probably contained eggs and milk), and  I also had some cheese in my mushroom risotto, but no side of chicken fillet like BB and CC.

I guess I've realised just how hard it is.. I definitely don't miss meat, but it's pretty frustrating to go in the supermarket and look at seemingly innocent products and see 'contains milk' or 'may contain milk'. I also looked for some vegan / non-dairy cheese in a large supermarket and found not even one variety..

Here are some products or meals that you can eat and I did:

Japanese Rice Crackers
Sweet chilli sauce
Peanut butter
Brown Rice
Mushroom Risotto (hold the cheese)
Vegetable Curry
Falafel in wholewheat pitta with salad and humous
Spaghetti with olive oil, black olives, garlic and a squeeze of lemon
Rice noodles with beansprouts, and a sauce of sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, lime juice served with mange tout
Stuffed vine leaves
Alpro almond milk
Blue diamond almond milk (less creamy than the Alpro variety, and definitely my preferred brand)
All sorts of nuts.
Houmous and cucumber sandwich

Alpro soy yoghurt
Alpro soy yoghurt - Vanilla flavour - great alternative to custard.
Apple and blackberry crumble (crumble made with PURE dairy free spread) served with vanilla Alpro
Alpro chocolate dessert

I also managed  a PB in Saturday's park run, so the lack of meat and dairy did not seem to effect my energy levels. This week I would guess that I will eat a little dairy, no actual eggs as I don't like them anyway. I would definitely recommend a vegan week. It definitely focuses the mind on your food intake and your overall diet.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Vegan September

I know just a few 'vegetarians'. I'm sorry about the quotes, but one of them eats fish and chicken, but never pork, beef or lamb. Another eats fish, but no meat. Another is a total vegan..

I'l be honest, I like eating some meat, some fish and I also like vegetarian food. However, one thing I've never understood is how some people can refer to themselves as vegetarian yet still eat meat and fish.

I have more of a problem with the ethics of milk and egg production than meat production, and don't even get me started on the blinding of prawn mothers. That said, I think we (I), get removed from the reality of meat that is shrink-wrapped in plastic on the supermarket shelf, and the animal in the field, or most often the animal that is not in the field. I struggle to relate the two. I am sure though that I would find it too squeamish to be able to slaughter or prepare my own meat. If that is the case, how can I take it from the supermarket shelf and cook and eat it ?

I've been thinking about vegetarianism and veganism more and more and of one thing I am sure, and that is, for me it's an all or nothing choice. I may be wrong, and I may look back in months or years to come and think I will eat chicken and fish, and no other animal. I have also become squeamish about animal bones and animal fat lately which reinforces my feelings towards meat...

I have therefore decided to go vegan for September, BB thought I should start with a gentler option, and I do understand that, but I do feel the need to go 'cold turkey' (pardon the pun.). I will be eating no meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, gelatine, honey or any other animal derived product.

I went shopping today, and I was most surprised to see just how animal-based a lot of products are. Although, I did manage to buy plenty of food that  was suitable for vegans.

Wish me luck, I will report back on how it goes !!!