Sunday, June 12, 2011

Juneathon #Day 12

Another day, another bout of rain. Another day with no running... well, that's not exactly true we travelled to Southend so that BB could take part in Southend half marathon. It was a nice, flat, loopy (out and back, round and back-etc, etc.) course. We left the house at 0645 this morning and got there in time for BB to register.

BB was chuffed with his time of 1:42:15 (according to his watch), which I must agree is pretty impressive. CC and I walked up along the seafront to a decent spot to take some photos of BB doing the race. And that was the sum of my Juneathon challenge today - a walk along the seafront in the rain. Good huh ? However, I am not a fairweather runner, if BB had not been running today, then I would have pulled on my waterproofs and a hat and got out there. In fact, I quite like running in the rain.

I have packed my running kit for tomorrow, Monday is the day when I run  in Hyde Park in my lunchbreak. So, I will be running come rain or shine. If BB's legs are up to it he will come with me, if not a colleague from work sometimes joins me, otherwise I will go on my own. I can't wait to run tomorrow.

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