Monday, June 13, 2011

Juneathon #Day 13

Finally back in the saddle today, with a brisk walk to work, and then a 4 mile run-your-heart-out challenge with one of my male colleagues, and then also a long walk from a different train station to collect CC. I let my colleague win the sprint  - this time. :o) I think we did about 30-32 mins for the 4 miles which I'm pleased with, it was hot too. BB sat this one out as he has painful glutes from yesterday's half.

I know I was pretty good last week, running so soon after last weekend's half marathon, but I think I felt the difference today. Despite a couple of days off from the running my legs still felt tired today. Or maybe I was feeling sluggish after a weekend of excesses and non-movement (well, by my standards anyway..). So, I'll be monitoring the legs for the rest of the week.

That crAZY cramp that woke me the other morning, felt like it was on it's way back after my run today too. So, on my walk back from the train station tonight in my 'Shape-ups', I tried to get a stretch in my calf with every step.

A good day all in all, with 2 walks and a 4 mile sprint. Yippee !! That's the bloggy bit done, now the loggy bit !

Here's a little photo of my Skecher's Shape ups - they're great !!!

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