Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Swimming

I truly can't believe that it's been over a week since I posted something here.. I guess I've been busy Project Kitchen has been in full swing, work has been full on, every night this week I've been up 'til midnight and it's 11.30 pm now.

Anyways... enough of all that... I wanted to write about the swim coaching. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed myself.  All of this applies to front crawl as that is the only stroke we look at during the session. I learned that :

1) Your big toes are supposed to practically touch as you kick your legs.
2) This means your legs are NOT supposed to be all over the place, flailing, with a big gap between them as you swim. Think fairly straight legs bending from the knee.
3)Bilateral breathing is good, patricularly if you are doing a triathlon and the swim leg is in the sea. If there are HUGE waves on the side where you breathe you are going to run into problems... like... not being able to breathe. So, yes, quite important... breathing.
4) You arm should enter the water straight stretched out in front of you, and as said hand hits the water is should stretch further forward through the water, as absolutely as far as you can before you bring you arm back through the body of water.

So overall a good session, and yes I just about kept up with the ten year olds!

Happy Swimming.

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