Monday, June 7, 2010

Design and Me

I have always wondered how to define my design tastes, just what is 'my style' ? In truth, I still haven't figured it out completely. When looking at designs for home interiors, I happened upon a design site where you could select several room 'mock-ups' and the result of your combined choices would define your style. My result was, 'eclectic' which means I like a mish-mash jumble of styles, preferably all at the same time. This was, and still is, an accurate reflection.

At the moment, I am quite patriotic and like things that are red, white and blue. I therefore have a lovely Union Jack cushion which says 'God Save the Queen' on it which I love, it sits regally on the sofa in the lounge. I also have a lovely Emma Bridgewater tin (see it here  which incidentally houses my design ideas.

Since we bought Labour of Love a couple of years ago I have taken to looking at web sites and magazines and leaflets and anywhere really, and if I see a design I like I will make a note and file it in my EB tin. It's going to be a LONG time before I get to really furnish Labour of Love but I like to think that when the time comes I will be prepared.

When I come across something I love even if it isn't going to match with my current decor or I won't use it for a while, I have to buy it. This might sound a little foolish and I suppose it is. I currently have two lovely toile de jouy cushion covers. These have never matched with any decor I have had but I am hoping that one day they will go and live in Labour of Love either in the Master bedroom or on a sofa in the den. I must have had those covers for more than ten years, and the funny thing is that it has never crossed my mind to throw them away. Then there is the wall hanging that I bought on my very first trip abroad in Vienna when I was 14. I  love this tapestry. I am hoping to frame this and put it in the smaller bedroom in Labour of Love. I have had this beautiful tapestry for more than twenty years andn it has never been displayed. A real tragedy to me, and one I must rectify - soon ! 

Meanwhile, in my spare room I have recently framed a poster that I bought. The poster shows a New York yellow cab, but the fantastic thing about the poster is that it is 3D and if you move around the poster the car really stands out. I think it is COOL. Anyone else would probably think it belongs in a teenage boy's bedroom and they're probably right. I have been desperately trying to rack my brain to come up with somewhere that I could put this picture either here or in Labour of Love and I can't, but you know what I love that poster and I just can't get rid of it either  - I haven't even hung it yet !  - and I guess that in itself sums up my 'eclectic' taste.

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  1. Hi, I told you I'd comment when you blogged next!
    Thank you for a wonderfully relaxing weekend stay at your lovely home. From your well looked after sunny garden, you obviously spend more time in it than i do in mine, to your eclectic well used kitchen, same comment applies! Your clasically designed lounge complete with electric guitar in the corner to the perfectly pink bedroom for your princess. The huge tub in the bathroom good enough to share, even if it was with my baby boy, you have a wonderfully inviting home and we had a great stay. Hopefully we can repay the visit some time soon!
    S x


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