Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kitchen Gadgetry

We are currently 'doing up' the kitchen. I say 'doing up' as this is renovations on a budget. A few weeks ago a major DIY store was having a 15% off sale, with an extra 10% off over the bank holiday. So, off we went and piled the trolley high with cream gloss doors, fascia, panels etc. The handles we got later from another High Street DIY store. The last of the handles went on this evening, and this past weekend Biscuit Boy has worked so hard fitting it all. He also treated me to a new oven, I am truly spoilt ! There was nothing wrong with the old one, but it looked worn, the glass was irretrievably stained and the metal paint had started to come off the oven door handle. We bought the most basic of ovens for a bargain £150. See, I wasn't lying I told you I love a bargain ! So far, so good the oven just cooked lovely salmon, potato wedges and rhubarb crumble so I am happy. Next on the list is the laying of the Karn Dean floor (which we've actually had for 2 years just never go round to laying it- tsk!) the ultra lovely folding, sliding doors which we actually need as we still have original (rotten) wooden frames, and then of course my lovely Monsoon wallpaper on the chimney breast and the metal shelves to house my cook book collection, not to mention a new lick of paint for the whole room. The table that seats 10 comfortably and dominates the room stays, if only because Biscuit Boy made it for me and I've yet to see anything else that I like more...

But this post was supposed to be about Kitchen Gadgetry, here are some items I have and some items I would like:

Kitchen Aid - I would not be without my Kitchen Aid. It makes light work of all mixing tasks, I could never make another Christmas cake by hand.. not when I usually make about six ! This makes light work of all mixing, whisking and kneading tasks. You can also buy extra 'attachments' like a grinder and I think a pasta maker, I haven't tried these so I can't vouch for their efficiency... but this leads me on to...

Kitchen Aid Blender - These can now be purchased in many funky colours. I am wondering if they are as efficient as my Kitchen Aid Mixer and for this reason I would like to try one... As a keen cook I do already have 2 blenders, well one is a smoothie maker but each is as good as the other, except the
Kenwood Smoothie Maker  does have a tap at the front for easy dispensing. Since I already have a Juicer, the smoothie maker  does not get used often as I tend to use the other blender for soups.

Ice Cream Maker  - I would love an icecream maker, not because I particularly want to eat buckets of icecream but because I have seen them used on TV so many times that I would love to have a go myself.. although I know that this would be one of those 'use once' items.

Pasta Machine - I would love to try this too, although I know you can make pasta without one - but could you get it that thin by hand I wonder ??? I will probably get one of these at some point - I like the idea of making pasta 'fusion' sundried tomato pasta, spinach pasta, squid ink pasta. Cool.

Bread Maker - I LOVE the idea that you just tip all your ingredients in, turn it on and let it go.. and there you have your daily bread. Having only used the dough hook on the Kitchen Aid a hand full of times I can't see much longevity of this one... Nice idea tho..

Pineapple/apple corer/Cherry pitter - Ew yes, I love the sound of all of these ! I've seen then demo'd, yes they do all look like a bit of a waste of space and money. Can't I just do the same with a knife ??? But you know what damn it ! I just want to be able to whip them out when I need them and have perfect apples/cherries/pineapples!

Toaster A Toaster ? Back to basics, right ? Wrong. We have never, as a couple owned a toaster. Strange, but true. We always just used the grill on the oven. BUT I would LOVE to be able to make toast/pancakes/waffles without a ) breaking my back and b) trying to find something to remove the grill pan from under the grill before either the item being grilled gets burned or I do ! Out of this list I think this is the one that has to be purchased, especially as I have now streamlined the kitchen so I should be able to find the space for one.Yippee!!!

Coffee Maker - Biscuit Boy and I love coffee. I would really like a bean grinder and one of those funky machines, I could then make my own mocha instead of paying a fortune for it in coffee shops.

What else ?? Well, I know of someone who once bought a jam maker but part of the fun in making jam for me is the stirring.. Will it or won't it set  ??? If I just added fruit and sugar and flicked a switch I think I would feel a little deprived.

What would we do without our gadgets eh ?? Personally, I love 'em !

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