Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is here

Yes, it seems summer is here at last. Last night we were able to sit in the garden until 10pm and it was warm, and we also ate our first bowl of strawberries picked from the garden. The tayberries are just starting to ripen too so I will look forward to picking and freezing them just as I did last year. I just had a nice surprise and came across a freezer bag of last years tayberries so I will make something scrummy with them tonight. Happy Days ! Cupcake is just back from a school trip and the World Cup (England v Slovenia) is on the TV.

No running for me today, just lots of ironing when I got back from work, no fun in the heat. Tonight I will be swimming with Cupcake at the South London Harriers youth swimming class. It's a coach-led class and the children receive instruction on their stroke. I'm going along because I'm not a particularly good swimmer and I could use some proper instruction. Apparently I wouldn't be able to keep up with the adult group - that's not good is it. I'm feeling a little bit nervous, but I'm going to be brave and will report tomorrow on how it went. Good Luck Me !!!

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