Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Rules of Running 2

I said I would pick this up again at some point so here goes:

Don't tread on anything that is not supposed to be trod on. In France once just after playing mini golf in the searing heat with no hat, sunscreen and a (small) bottle of water between three of us we were making our way back to the car and there was a huge, long log on the path, so thinking the log was rooted to the spot .. what did I do ? Yes, I trod on it. Was the log rooted ? No ! The log rolled, as did I, smacking the small of my back onto the log. Shock and agony all at once. Owch ! So, when running if it's not meant to be trod on, don't tread on it ! Run or walk round it, jump over it but do not tread on it. Enough said,

Toilet, toilet, toilet - well this could be a post all by itself and probably will be at some point. If you are running a race be very careful what you eat and drink in the days beforehand. Preferably practise what you plan to eat or drink and then quite literally do a test run. Many books and magazines recommend carb loading in the days running up to a race. That said, there is a famous running chef (No, not Ramsey..) who does not eat too many carbs the day before the race because it does not agree with him.

To be continued .....

Do not try ANYTHING new on race day. No new trainers, running tops/shorts, anti-chafe rubs, drinks or gels. Use your oldest most comfortable clothes and trainers and stick to what you know works for you.

Exercise: Cycle to cupcake's school: 3 miles. Very enjoyable even with a little light rain.

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