Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diary of a Nightmare

That is the title of my book - if I ever write it. Are you allowed to write books about people that give you hell for years, or could they sue the butt off you ? Maybe I could change the name to protect their identities. Ha.

Tomorrow I am off to France. Many people I know say 'Oh, you're off to French France', to which I think 'Is there any other France ?' or when they blaspheme, they say 'Excuse my French' and I think 'You're not speaking French though'. I'll bet there's good reasons for all of these 'French' sayings. I'll look them up. One day. When I lose the stick I've been using to poke myself in the eye.

As you all know by now I have a great love of all things French and France, which is why I am going there TOMORROW morning ! For the WEEKEND ! With GIRLFRIENDS ! to drink WINE and be a little CRAZY! (Yes, I'm shouting, I know). Which reminded me of a book that I bought which I left in France called '101 French Idioms'. Actually, it's quite a good book and I think I'll bring it back to the UK so I can learn a couple of benign phrases to try out when I go back in a couple of weeks. I might even share a couple here so watch this space.

My girlfriends and fellow travellers are two of the very best, Noodles and Lilly, Noodles and I travelled to Michigan together a couple of years ago for Lilly's wedding so we are well accustomed to doing girlie roadtrips together. I can't wait to show them Labour of Love and all the pretty parts of Limoux and the medieval city of Carcassonne and Mirepoix (the town, not the vegetable concoction) which is just beautiful (the town, not the vegetable concoction).

Well, I'd better go and finish packing. Have a good weekend everyone.

Fais des beaux reves.

PS> I got a new follower - welcome Warren - my 7th follower - makes me so happy - you couldn't even know. :o)

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