Monday, May 17, 2010

Seeds Glorious Seeds

Yesterday I went to the local garden center and bought:
- 4 purple sprouting broccoli plants
- 1 mange tout plant (just an experiment)
For my new veggie patch (thank you Biscuit Boy):
- Aubergine seeds
- carrot seeds
- beetroot seeds
- salad mix seeds
- sprouting salad mix
-radish seeds
-cucumber seeds
-courgette seeds
- yellow courgette seeds

For cupcake to plant:
- Sunflower seeds
- flower seeds (a gorgeous bright blue trailing plant).

When I got home I planted out a pot of broad bean seeds (another experiment as these are last year's seeds), a pot of aubergine seeds, several pots of sunflowers and flowers (with cupcake).
i am looking forward to planting out the rest and, quite literally, enjoying the fruits of my labour !!


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