Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All about tri

Someone recently, quite rightly, pointed out that my blog entries so far seem to be all about food ... and not about triathlon - so let's put that right ... right now !

Also, from now on at the end of each blog I will put a little note about training completed on that day and the reason for it, if there is one.... ;o)

Here's a list of triathlons I have either participated in or watched (when Biscuit Boy competed) or watched as a spectator just for fun...

Stratford triathlon
I enjoyed this one so much I did it twice ! The main attraction of this race is that if you don't like open water swimming, the swim is pool-based so you don't need to worry. The bike route is a nice amble around the countryside with the odd A-road thrown in - and I must admit I don't remember the run. It all starts and ends at the local leisure centre which is a bit hairy with the traffic lights and cars.. but you get through eventually...

Brighton triathlon
This one I did NOT enjoy... not just an open-water swim, but a swim in the SEA and yes, it was that cold you got to wear a WETSUIT. I was wearing a wetsuit that was too big, for some reason my legs were super-buoyant and it felt like my legs were up in the air. Truly, the worst swim of my life ! Big gulps of sea water, legs in the air.... enough said. The bike as I recall was pretty non-descript, loops along the seafront, as was the run... I would do this one again because I love Brighton and there's a good turnout on the specatator front which makes for a nice atmosphere and therefore overall a good race.

Dorney Lake (aka 'Banaman triathlon)
This time a lake-based swim, not my finest hour, you had to complete one loop, get out the water, dive back in and then do another loop. I can't remember if I had the wetsuit on or not.. either way I was one of the last out of the water... This triathlon is based at Dorney Lake, so you swim in the lake, then cycle round the lake about a gzillion times, and then run up and down in a line 2.5km there, 2.5km back until you've done 10K. Interesting, if you like loops-I don't. Never again. Let me see some scenery I haven't seen before for goodness sake !!!

Thames Turbo
This is a good one too. A nice pool swim in the traditional outdoor lido at Hampton court. A lovely bike around the area, glorious leafy London suburbs (the nice bits..) and then a run around Bushey park (mind the deer !). A nice race, easy-going, bacon butties upstairs in the leisure center afterwards..

After reading this you may well think why is this girl doing triathlon she hates swimming... that may well be true, but the swim is the shortest leg of the race, and I adore the longer legs the cycling and the swimming and I'm quite good at those. So, whilst I have a very poor start I can usuallly pull my way back to end with a finish to be proud of.

I think that's it for my triathlons so far... I will write about all of the others on other days. Now I am the porkier side of 35 I am hoping to increase this list of triathlons completed. Oh.. and guess what I just got for my birthday, oh Yes ... a wetsuit and a pair of trainers. BRING IT ON !!!!

Training Completed 4 May 2010:
Walk to Work: 2 miles
Cross-Country run (Oaks Park): 4 miles.
Goal: Prep for cross-country 5K this Saturday in Banstead Woods (http://www.parkrun.org.uk/banstead-woods/Home.aspx)

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