Sunday, May 30, 2010

The seeds are in-Finally !

Often I run out of time to get things done, so I will construct a mental list that keeps the momentum going until I manage to get the task done. This keeps said task at the front of my mind until completed. The problem with this, is that if the task does not get done for a while then basically, it starts to get me down. I start to question why I cannot fit more into my day and therefore whether my priorities are set correctly.

Already life feels like it is flying by and the weeks disappear. .It's June almost.. and half a year has gone already. I do question whether I try to fit too much in, indeed the other day I asked why someone hadn't done a certain thing.. 'Well, she does 'x' on a Monday night' was the satisified response. And ? I thought... I might also do 'x' on a Monday night, but then also manage to go on and do 'y' and 'z'. Why is it that someone will just do 'x' and be Ok with that, and yet I would feel bad if I didn't do 'y' and 'z'. I suppose it is a different set of values, styles, behaviours that make us all our own unique self. Then I think to myself, if I acted like other people then I would not be myself, I would not be true to myself and I would be giving other people an unrealistic view of me. I don't want that. So, I carry on being like an octopus. I make my mental lists whose non-completion gnaws at my brain like a nagging wife, and I try and do all of the things that are expected of me. And I suppose there's the rub, I need to do more of the things that please me sooner and more often, and less of those things that I think, on my personal priority list are 'expected' but are not necessarily 'appreciated', whilst also remaining true to myself.  Here's to that !

Oh, and yes, the seeds are in - Finally !


  1. Your description of "busy person" rings a loud bell with us too, CG. I am almost at the end of two weeks annual leave and my mental list of things to do is disappointingly mostly incomplete. And that is working from 06:00 to 18:00 and sometimes later.

    I did write down a mini list of three small chores to do each day and that worked very well. But when it comes to the online tasks I found myself jumping all over the place in a sadly unfocussed manner. Not surfing, but not doing the important tasks first and finding that the "simple" ones dragged over to the next day or longer.

    Today we go for eye tests and new specs. I will request Laser Focus lenses! Fiona bought a mini self-improvement course of MP3 downloads and I must find the one on Focussing.

    Good luck in finding the balance between doing what is expected of you and progressing your own projects that satisfy you.

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you Danny. We now save our annual leave to go and work on Labour of Love, but I totally know what you mean on the days that I do have off, or at the weekend very little seems to get acheived.. I guess we are making progress but our eyes become so accustomed that we cannot see it.


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