Friday, May 14, 2010

My week

This week has been a relatively normal one full of the hum-drum of family life and work. One of the main events of the week has, of course, been the election of a new PM - David Cameron. Well, well done to him and his party, let's see if they can make less of a hash of it than the previous bunch - I won't hold my breath, but we shall see...

A good week, exercise-wise. Monday's lunch date was cancelled and then I had no running kit with me - always annoying so a day of training was wasted. Tuesday was a jog around my favourite woods, Wednesday I ran to school from home, Thursday was 'super sprints' in my local park. Today, I did no exercise -unless you count a jog around the local supermarket and an hour on the 'Ironing machine'.

In theory, I will be running tomorrow at Banstead Woods Park run event, will I get another PB, following last week's stellar efforts ... or will I be slower than ever before...?

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