Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free Your Mind

There's a lot of chat out there lately about 'mindfulness' .. well, what is this ?? From what I have read it is about 'being in the moment' as you carry out your daily activities. So, when you eat, concentrate on eating and nothing else, when you run or exercise think about the fact that you are running or taking exercise, and so on. This to me then means concentrating on one thing at a time..

You will see that here and on other sites I have said that I am like 'an octopus' this means that I am constantly multi-tasking, so whilst I was on my run this morning I was firstly thinking about what 'mindfulness' means to me, then I was thinking about writing about it in this post, then I was thinking about cupcake's swimming gala, then I was thinking I was very hot and thirsty because it was a very hot day today, then I was thinking about going to a DIY store this afternoon to return a kitchen door. This is what I mean by being like an octopus, when I am not thinking about a gzillion things I am doing them. This is hardly 'mindfulness' and concentrating on each activity. If I was like this I would firstly forget things I am supposed to remember and secondly be spending so much time 'being in the moment' that I would get absolutely nothing done.

Of course, the end result of this is that I am quite stressed with all that rushing about and incessant mind babble. So how do I relax ? My answer, is quite simply  - yoga. During yoga I think about nothing but the stretches I am doing, the yoga teacher's voice, and during relaxation I manage to absolutely clear my mind. When I leave a class I feel a sense of relief and lightness and float through the rest of the day. From a fitness perspective those stretches strengthen your core muscles and give your body an overall thorough stretch. My body feels strong and relaxed after a yoga class.

Unfortunately, my gym membership just expired and so I am currently without a class. This week I am going to find a class and get back into my style of mindfullness.

Exercise: Easy jog and run round park: 6 miles

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