Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Banstead Park Run

I thought I had written a post about this race before, but I can no longer see the post on my blog -  I don't know what happened there, so here it is again as the Park Run races are too important a race to miss out on.

Park Run is a weekly 5K race. It is free to race and all you have to do is find your local race, register before the race (on this site: ) and then turn up on the day. Job done. This is my kind of running .. the race is always in the same location, your results are recorded and also available to check online. The beauty of this is that you are able to track your progress, or lack of and also compare your results with your fellow runners. Whilst 5K is classed as a relatively short distance in race terms it provides a good benchmark for other races distances, particualrly the 10K distance.

This is also a race for all the family. For us, this means either myself or Biscuit Boy will race and try and better our best time, whilst the other will slow-jog the race with Cupcake. Cupcake has been able to do the 3 miles in 37 minutes before now - not bad for an eight year old. It really is a family affair and there are many runners whose children also run.

I last raced the run on May 8th the run felt pretty hard on the lungs and legs, and I went through my usual long sleeves or short sleeves, long joggers or short joggers thing... My arms were cold but not too bad overall and the ground was dry which is always a bonus - this is a run through the woods after all. Incidentally, the woods were carpeted with bluebells it looked absolutely stunning. It was worth going for that alone - for me at least..

Best of all was that I did beat my last time and managed a respectable 25:44, I was also surprised to see that I was the 9th woman to finish, so finally I am in the top ten. A most amazing feeling that maybe my running is getting better or faster at least, after all .. It would appear that the training is working.

Exercise: Oaks Park run-3 miles
Walk to work - 2 miles

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