Friday, March 19, 2010


I am over-pleased that it's Friday today, it's been a very long week. I feel like I could quite easily sink a bottle of red but I won't with the race looming on Sunday. I can do without the dehydration !

On the way to work I was debating my secret pleasure - Starbucks - or more specifically their skinny mocha - yum ! I texted the girls I work with to see if they were interested - oh yes, one caramel macchiato and one latte coming up - and all for eight british pounds - for coffee - yes.. I know.. just as well it's a once in a while treat or I would be bankrupt.

No training today, although the half marathon is now playing on my mind.. I hate reading the race instructions too far in advance, but I will dig them out at some point and scare myself silly. I have been told that the run starts with a hill that lasts several miles.. oh my, I am already running and planning that part in my head !

The weather of course has turned too, to drizzle and greyness.. why anything else in London ?? Again, I am thinking in terms of Sunday and will be quite happy if it stays grey and drizzly because at least then I will stay COOL.

So whilst I am trying not to think about Sunday it is obvious that it is playing on my mind... maybe I should have a look at which race I plan to do next...

Happy weekend !

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