Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Usual Day

This post is to provide an insight into my life and what I usually do on a daily basis during the working week - at the weekend anything goes !

0515-Rise and Shine - up, washed, dressed and I'm gone !
0545-Leave house
0558-Train to London
0630-Arrive London. Walk to work, maybe grab coffee (Starbucks skinny mocha-yum!) on the way, but most often not, always grab a metro for Suduko challenge later..
0700-Arrive work
0700-1300 (or 1600) on Mondays -- work, work, work (in IT so no 2 days are ever the same which is *good*.)
1300-Leave work in gym kit.
1310-Take bus to train station (Not enough time to walk..)
1323-Train leaves .. Suduko challenge time !!
1400-Arrive at destination
1410-Locate car and drive to park
1420-Arrive park, begin jog
1500-Finish jog, drive to school
1520-Collect Cupcake from school
1540-Go to relative activity (Mon-work late, Tues- FREE! Weds-swimming, Thurs-dancing, Fri-dancing)
1600-1730-Arrive home some time between these times depending on day.
'til 1900-Bath self and cupcake, sort clothes/bag/gym kit for next day, make cupcake's school lunch, sort out my lunch, assist with homework, listen to cupcake reading, organize tea for cupcake and myself and biscuit boy, help cupcake practise piano, empty dishwasher, put washing on / put clean washing away etc.etc
1900-Emmerdale time ! Time to SIT DOWN.
1915-Biscuit Boy home
1930-2000-Cup cake bed time.
2000-Dinner time!
2200-Bed ! Only 7 hours til it all starts again !

Bed time later tonight... Eddie Izzard's final program about his many marathons in many days is on tonight - BBC3 - 10.30 - have already seen the previous two and must see the final one. He has been very dedicated to his cause and I think he has actually got quite 'into it', the running thing. It will be interesting to see tonight if he says he plans to carry on running once the challenge is over...

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