Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hastings Half Marathon

Today I ran Hastings half marathon. I was hoping for a time of anything between 2 and 2.5 hours. This was based on my Kingston Breakfast run result in October 2009 of 2:24 - Kingston Breakfast run was 16 miles.

The 13 mile course is described as hilly at first, which then flattens out and is downhill and flat for the final half. I would describe the course as more 'undulating' there were quite a few uphills. The worst part for me was the seemingly never-ending run along the sea front at the end. I was exhausted but fell into the rhythm of the guy in front of me who seemed to have a nice quick cadence going. Finally, I saw the finish line and gave the final push.. this is when I noticed the clock.. 1:59.. and counting... I finally crossed the line in 2.00.10 which is a personal best for me - this is know as my 'race time' with my 'personal time' eg from crossing the start line at the beginning (with the crowds) to crossing the finish line was 1:58:15 so I am very pleased with this result.

Obviously my legs are now aching and oddly also my lower-tum, maybe all that clenching or bobbing up and down has caused it.. who knows..

Now all I need to do is sign up for my next race.

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