Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello and Welcome ...

... to day one of this blog.

I am a 36yr old female in the UK. Fulfilling many roles - including wife, mother of one, employee (schlepping into London every day...~), sister, friend, cook ! etc. I enjoy keeping fit through running, cycling and swimming and have been known to take part in triathlons (Stratford and Bananaman), run chest deep through water (Hellrunner 2008) and do any other activities and races that keep me motivated with my keep fit plan.

In this blog I plan to report on the various races that I take part in and also give details of the training that I carry out. This will be interspersed with other musings on subjects that I find interesting like cooking, latest sport gadgets, items in the news etc.

I hope somebody reads this....

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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