Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

Today I did a training run ready for the half marathon in Hastings ( this Sunday.

The course I take follows a 2-mile loop around a local park. The route is off-road, a bridle path too I think, as well as popular with dog walkers, so very undulating and rough underfoot. This is good because all those lumps and bumps strenghten the bones in the ankle and make for stronger calf muscles. However, this can also be dangerous ! A few weeks ago I managed to run into a tree branch that was hidden by other undergrowth. OWCH ! A(nother) nice bruise on my leg...

I did 2 loops of the 2-mile loop, so 4 miles in total. After this, I collected Cupcake from schoool and took her to her swimming lesson. I swam too which was nice after the warm run, the water was nice and cool.

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