Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things you can know about me...

1. I  don't like going to the hairdressers.. 'What shall we do today?' they ask. 'Er... ' I reply.. thinking, you're the hairdresser, You tell me !  Of course, I don't actually say that, I timidly say ... 'just take an inch off all over.. and don't bother to blow dry it..' Knowing that I can get out of there as quickly as possible, and avoid the hairdresser for another year...

2. I'm not keen on fireworks - I quite like them, but the brightness hurts my eyes. I have this thing where one of my pupils does not react as quickly to light as it should. Consequently, sometimes one pupil is larger than the other, so sometimes bright lights are hard to look at.

3. I quite like a dictionary - as a reading book, I mean. A little odd maybe, but the thrill of all that knowledge enclosed in those pages.. That makes me happy.

4. Sometimes I think in colour - how to explain that one .. ? I can't really explain, something will just feel particularly 'blue' or 'green' or well, any colour really.. It doesn't really effect anything, and doesn't happen very often.

4. I did a degree in Computer Science.. without a computer Seriously ??? I guess in my defence I can say that the computer labs were open 'til 11pm, most of the home stuff was learning theory, and my really good mate Matt let me use his PC to write up my final year project.  Result.

5. The real reason I like exercise ? Basically it give my brain a rest, and when I'm running, I'm not really thinking...

6.  I love learning ..  I thought that once I had done my MBA that I wouldn't want to really learn any more, that I would have fulfilled all of my academic dreams. Ten years on, and I now know myself a little better. I will always want to learn, and push myself to acquire more knowledge.. it's like a unquenchable thirst..

7. I love having a pedicure.. You would have thought I wouldn't since I don't like hairdressers, but since I have  ugly runner's feet, after a pedicure my feet feel heavenly. I love sitting there and coming out a little while later with beautiful twinkly toes and smooth feet.

8.  I question everything - It's not a surprise to me that I'm a Computer Analyst, where I'm required to questions things, evaluate things and fix things. It's what I'm good at. If you say anything to me 99.99999% of the time, I will answer with a question.

9. I'm a good friend If I'm your friend, I will be a good friend,the best you ever had. If you ever let me down, or don't act like a friend should (in my eyes), you will have broken my heart to it's absolute core. But I will never tell you.

10. I like fur and patterns and symmetry - Fur for it's smoothness, patterns for the texture and symmetry for it's reflective perfection.

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