Monday, March 11, 2013

Chilling Lounge Clothes

I had an amazing run today in Hyde Park, with a work pal. It was nice and fast, and I felt strong - which is just as well since I have a half marathon in about ten days. The only down side of today is that it was, and still is, freezing cold, with a biting wind. By the time I had finished, my ears and head were really quite painful.

Today being a work day, after my run I was back at my desk for another couple of hours, that was followed by a really crappy train ride home, which meant another walk this time, across a park in the freezing wind.

So, what to do ? When I got home, once I had fed the dog, fed CC, put washing in and out (and shook it all about), I got out of my stuffy work clothes. I'm just feeling so comfy right now that, and this is a blogging first for me, (a fashionista I am not) -  I had to share my outfit.

So, here goes:

Superdry t-shirt: What to say? Mine is cream with a dark-red logo and it's nice and soft cotton. The link to the left goes to a pink Superdry t-shirt with white writing. Little CC has that one.

Jack Wills lounge trousers The link shows the Spring equivalent of the above in a pink and blue colour. They are very pretty and I can vouch for them that they are very comfortable and slouchy.

Dean & White Cashmere cardigan in black. It's like wearing feathers.

Faux Fur Boot Slippers from Marks and Spencers. Mine are in a Dark Stone colour and have a little bow on the side (aw...). And guess what, they're comfortable and WARM.

So, this is me for the rest of the evening - BB and CC are off swimming, so DD will snuggle under my feet, whilst I get on with learning all about administering SQL Server, and keeping warm!

Happy Monday!

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