Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Week

I've just taken this photo, so you get the idea of how I'm writing this. Yes, I'm tired, it's Saturday evening, 8pm to be precise, and I'm slumped on the sofa with my laptop, well, on top of my lap. Clue's in the name as we say in this house.. and I'm typing ...

So, what have I been doing all week? Nothing really out of the ordinary to be honest.. So, I worked five days, I ran with little DD to collect little CC from school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I took CC to her disco last night.. We got up bright and early and cycled a loop of Boxhill, which incidentally, is where the male Olympic cycling race is happening next month. We cycle there every weekend, but do you think we could get a ticket to see the road race there? Not a chance. Since we signed up to the Olympics website, we keep receiving what I can only describe as 'teaser' emails saying 'More tickets for sale now', so you log on to the site, agree that you'll spend £200 odd quid on a ticket, and then try and 'Check out' and it then comes back with a message saying, 'Tickets not found' or  'No such tickets for sale'. It's happened about three times, and it's really starting to hack me off now.. I mean really, really, really hack me off.. Therefore, we will go and watch the non-ticketed part of the cycling, to which we will cycle, as the roads will be all but blocked to normal traffic, and I would also like to see some triathlon in Hyde Park which is also a non-ticketed event, but that will depend on the day/time and whether I am working or not...but I digress.. where was I?

Ah yes, what else this week ? I didn't do much cooking. I did make the chocolate and berries cake that I saw on the Foodbuz Top 9, and I even have some still hanging about, but I've not time to talk about that now.. I have a back log at the moment of recipes to post or try.. here they are:

Lemon and Lime curd (from  site)
Jubilee Chicken Pasties ( a recipe from TGBBO book)
Chocolate Berry cake (a recipe from Food buzz top 9)

I'm embarrassed to admit that I also have photos of other 'Mystery Meals' but I can't for the love of God remember what the recipe was... such a waste!

Tomorrow we will entertain friends, I am going to cook Leg of lamb. Actually, I don't like this meat much, it taste too 'animally' for me, but Chinese Ruth and my BB like it.. so there you go. I will tuck into Yorkshire Pudding, and Roast Potatoes and asparagus and sage and onion stuffing and carrots and green beans. All topped off with Apple Strudel and Custard. To start, I am going to make some tiny crostini with smoked salmon and philly. To drink I bought some Tsing-Tsao beer, if you haven't tried it, I would definitely recommend it.

Before that, I am going to take my little DD on nice long run with me. It's rained all day, so I think we will be getting nice and muddy, which is good ! Oh yes, CC got her school report - it was excellent - of course. :o)

A couple of last notes, since South End half marathon I don't have any races on my 'to do' list, so if anyone 'out there' has any recommendations, please leave me a comment.

I know some of my UK readers read  The Saturday Times, today in 'The Magazine', Robert Crampton was talking about booze and having 'dry' days. I was wondering how you control your alcohol consumption? I am currently drinking a glass of rose (cheers!) but I don't really drink that much these days.. I drink more when in France at my Labour of Love (or LoL). I definitely don't drink before a race, and abstained for about 3 weeks before my first marathon. I found that it made a big difference to how I felt and I seemed to have more vitality. In the same magazine they talk about coffee and our addiction to it, and how much we spend on it.. I think I'll have to leave talking about that for another post.



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