Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics 2012 - My plan!

I'm excited. I admit it. I really love my sport, so it's no surprise that I love watching the Olympics.

The opening ceremony is starting in just over an hour and I'm at home poised to start watching it.

My support is of course, firstly for Team GB, then Team USA and finally team France. Today we were lucky enough to go to USA House, where we visited the shop and bought a few pieces of memorabilia.

Here is CC with top US athlete Darvis "Doc" Patton. He's a top sprinter, and I hope he inspired little CC today.

Unfortunately we were not able to secure tickets for any events. The lottery system meant that you could sign up for tickets, without knowing what you were going to get. I didn't see the point of that.. This means then that we did try to get tickets for athletics and cycling. And failed. So, tomorrow morning we will travel to the Surrey countryside where we plan to get a roadside spot to see the cyclists go past. It should be good.

Other than that, I also plan to go to Hyde park to watch the men's triathlon, and I also plan to watch some athletics on the big screen in Hyde Park so I can revel in the atmosphere and seeing the sport on the big screen.

I walked through Hyde Park at about 3.30pm and I have to say the atmosphere was electric. I'm looking forward to being part of that over the next few weeks.

Less than an hour to the opening ceremony now - Bring it on ! How are you planning to enjoy the Olympics in London ??

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