Thursday, May 5, 2011

Limoux Restaurants Guide

It is advised that you book in advance for all of these restaurants - particularly for Saturday evenings and the busier seasons. If you find that any of the details below are wrong, please let me know and I will make an update.

Bon Appetit !

La Ciboulette  -- 1 Avenue Fabre d'Eglantine - 11300 Limoux. Tel 04 68 31 73 00.
I jogged past this one last week. I have never dined there, but it has a fantastic reputation. I looked at the menu outside and noticed that the prices start at 14 euro for a green salad, in the 30 euro mark for a steak..  So, higher end than most in the locality.

Tantine et Tonton -  29 Avenue Fabre d'Eglantine, 11300 Limoux, France Tel: 04 68 31 21 95
I have not been to this restaurant, but I have certainly heard of it. It is high-end, both in quality of cooking and price - needless to say it's on my wish list of places to go...

Le Cafe Gourmande - Place de La République - 11300 Limoux
This is located in Limoux square, you can't miss the array of cafes and resturants on the 'place'. They sell brochettes (kebabs) in the summer - either beef or lamb or fish, which are really nice. They also do a lovely tapas selection dish that comes with parma-style ham, breaded squid with aioli, olives, lovely bread etc; which is enough for two to share.

The only problem is that they do not serve food all year round, although I think they have started serving food by Easter. You also need fine weather to dine here, as inside there are only three tables (as we found out during a storm last summer). Again, reasonably priced.

Restaurant Chinois Perle d'Orient 13 Rue de la Goutine - 11300 Limoux Tel 04 68 31 13 36
There's no tastier Chinese, than a French-style chinese. The nems (Vietnamese crispy spring rolls) are my personal favourite. Lovely restaurant, good service, tasty food, reasonably priced. They also serve a red wine, a  merlot, called 'Matibat' rich is from a vineyard just outside Limoux and where I buy my wine from when I am there.. If anyone wants to know where to find the vineyard just leave me a comment and I'll explain. :o)

Entre Terre et Mer - Avenue Camille, Bouche - 11300 Limoux. Tel 04 69 31 37 32
Literally translated as 'Between sea and earth' they served meat and fish together. It was an odd place, but we had a really, lovely meal there. It is now under new management and called something else - Helpful, and I have not yet dined there.. The address is the same though, housed in a now bright pink building opposite a petrol (gas) station. You can't really miss it. It is located on the road going out of Limoux in the direction of Carcassonne, you can walk there from Limoux town centre.

Le Flassian - Avenue de Languedoc. 11300 Limoux
A friend was recently singing the praises of this one, but I have not been there so cannot comment.

Restaurant L'Hibiscus Hameau de Vendemies - 11300 Limoux. Tel 04 68 31 53 58
I have only heard about this one, but have not visited yet. One more to add to my list !

Brasserie Le Grand Café - Place de La République - 11300 Limoux. Tel 04 68 31 08 14
This restaurant is popular with tourists and always busy, we dined there just last week. They do tasty pizzas, lovely salads, steak and pastas. So items to suit most palates.. A little more pricey, and the service a little slower..

Le Concept - 9 Place de La République - 11300 Limoux. Tel 04 68 74 29 73
Lovely food, pizzas salads, meat dishes etc. Located right next door to the busy cafe/bar on the square where everyone sits outside. You can sit outside and just have drinks instead of food if you prefer. Reasonably priced with good service.

Here's a photo I took of our meal there last summer : which was Margherita pizza with anchovies for CC,  a most strange concoction for BB which consisted of lamb chops, brie cheese, salad, parma ham and french fries and a goat's cheese salad for me, which came with bacon (which is a little unusual), and as I recall was very good. I just knew that me saying 'Wait! I want a picture of this one for my blog!' would come in handy at some point. :o)

La Goutine - Vegetarian restaurant - 10 Rue de La Goutine, 11300 Limoux.
Practically opposite the Chinese restaurant mentioned above. I have not dined here, mostly because there's no menu. The menu changes daily... so for me that's offputting - being the control freak that I am !

Hotel Relais Royal - 8 Rue Maréchal Clauzel, 09500 Mirepoix, France. Tel: 05 61 60 19 19
Barely thirty minutes drive out of Limoux is one of the prettiest hotels/restaurants I have seen in a long time. Again, not really one for the children, although I think they will do what they call a 'menu enfant' for about 40 euros. Great ! So, I haven't dined here, but I would love to. They have a 'Menu de Degustation' (Tasting menu) for about 60 euro a head. Again, I would suggest you book in advance. I recall they had a 'special menu' for weekday lunchtimes too which I think was about 30 euro. I was last there sniffing the menu outside the place about ten days ago.. When I go, I'll be going for the 60 euro menu - in for a penny and all that. This beautiful town is also well worth a visit, particularly on market day.

Hotel Relais Royal in Mirepoix

La Cafe'Leclerc  - Route de Carcassonne 11300 Limoux. Tel 04 68 31 68 37
As well as a bar that serves icecream, waffles, pancakes, coffees, quiches and paninis, there's also the restaurant 'proper' where you can get a whole range of salads, meat dishes, cheeses, deserts, wine. All served cafteria style, but really very, very delicious and all cooked on the premises - no re-heating in microwaves..eurgh..

If you fancy a drive for dinner, Carcassonne (La Cite) is about 35 minutes away and all of the outdoor restaurants in the restaurants area' in the remparts of the medieval castle also serve many varieties of lovely food and are reasonably priced.


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