Saturday, May 14, 2011

Croquembouche Countdown

So, next week sees me making a wedding cake (of which I cannot give many details) and a Croquembouche for the lovely Em and James. Today, my friend - the lovely bride Em came to visit. She is marrying her love James next week at the Royal Military Academy chapel here in the UK. We were talking cakes and practising Croquembouche building, when she casually said 'Oh, the chef there said to me: 'Can you make sure your chef brings their own whites', ' and Em looked at me, and to be honest it didn't really click for a minute. And then it did. The head chef at the Royal Military Academy was referring to me as a 'chef' and to me bringing my own 'whites'. Well, I could have easily screamed out loud, but I just calmly replied to Emma that I didn't have any, but I had an apron and proper hair cover and gloves etc.

That was swiftly followed by an overwhelming sense of both the enormity and pride to be taken in the task, and the honour of bing allowed to use the military kitchens. Me, I, will be building a Croquembouche to serve 100 people at the most famous UK Royal Military Academy and they are allowing me to use their kitchen, and they are expecting me to be in chef's whites. Oh. My. Goodness. I really can't mess this one up.

Tomorrow I will do a test run, and I will post a photo on here.

Fortunately, I don't have to plate the desert, but I noticed that many of the recipes mention how troublesome it is to serve, and then don't post a photo, so here's one... The profiteroles will be served with chocolate sauce, this will be brought in a jug to each table along with the deserts. The caramel looks rather 'sharp' and it was, but then it is called 'crack in the mouth' and it certainly lives up to it's name.

I mentioned before about the chef's job coming up at work (where I work in IT) and several people saying 'There's your dream job', well, yes it would be, but surely you need the training first ! First thing on Monday I will go down to that kitchen and ask the lovely manager, whom I know well if I may please borrow a set of chef's whites - if he even has spares ?? I dread to see the look on his face - he only ever calls me to fix his computer problems. I don't think he even knows that I cook - why would he ?

I guess that's why we should never judge a book by it's cover, you never know what you might find beneath once you turn that first page... Wish me luck with this one guys, it's the biggest, most important thing I've done so far in all my culinary adventures.

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