Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Croquembouche Success

Well, it was a hard week, but I got there in the end.. this is what I did :

Tuesday evening- made the first heart cake

Wednesday evening - made the second heart cake. Iced the two cakes

Thursday evening: Decorated and ribboned both cakes, ready for transportation on Saturday

Friday - Attended wedding rehearsal.

Friday evening - Made 9 litres of chocolate sauce, about 5 litres of pastry cream and 3 saucepans of caramel (first batch got burned - oops!)

Saturday morning -Piped pastry cream into 300 profiteroles. Transported cakes, bridesmaid, and profiteroles to wedding destination. Deposited bridesmaid. Went and built croquembouche.

Saturday afternoon - Collected bridesmaids and made our way to The Wedding

Saturday evening   -  Time to let my hair down (Note to self: Never, ever, ever drink Harvey's red wine ever, ever again)

I think you'll agree the cakes are lookin good. Ew! I love a bit of self praise.

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