Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Foody Stuff / Valentines Day etc

Unfortunately I've no time for a proper blog post, but last night I made Jamie Oliver's beef stew recipe from the book 'Jamie's Dinners' - here's a link to the recipe:

It's been baked for three hours in the oven and is now in the freezer ready to be eaten on Valentine's Day evening. Mondays are my work late day, so Cupcake and I don't get home until 5.30 and BB not until 7.15 so I can take the beef stew out of the freezer on Monday morning and pop it into the oven to reheat when I get home. I already have some garlic bread and some red wine, so that will be a lovely family meal, with all of the effort already done ! Perfect.

I still have not used my new lovely enamel pudding bowls, although I did find an excellent looking Christmas pudding recipe earlier tonight. Who knows when I will start making them - I could start now, as the puddings will keep for a year, but in the meantime, it's nice to know that I've got a recipe that's raring to go. 
Here it is:

Incidentally, I will replace the suet with chopped apple - you know I like my veggie alternatives.

Back to Valentines day - today whilst in Lidl I bought a large heart-shaped red silicon cake 'tin'. So, I absolutely have to make something in that for Valentine's day, this will probably be some form of chocolatey sponge with some fruit and cream - lovely. Unfortunately it is not shown on their web site, they also had some heart shaped silicon cupcake 'trays' but I figured for me the larger one would get more use.

Well, I'm hoping I'll get chance to christen all of these new items soon, and with that, it's off to bed.

Night night fellow web surfer/bloggy people.

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