Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heritage Gifts and Enamel Bakeware

For some time now I have been covetting the enamelware that Jamie Oliver uses often in his Thirty-Minute meal television programmes that are currently airing on Channel 4. He uses all sorts of enamelware - cups, baking trays, colanders, little pie dishes. And so, I thought to myself - I want some of those !

I will often have a little thought like that, and then make a mental note to check out the cookware aisles of the supermarket as I do my shop, and also, obviously, to check out the charity stores when I pass by them. So, I have been doing that.

I keep telling myself that I did once see them in Sainsburys, but when I looked again and then checked on-line, I found nothing....
So, it happens that it was this past Friday evening when I said to myself, it's time to get online and buy some enamel bakeware ... and this is what I found.

I had already checked out the Lakeland selection.They do a Traditional Enamel 20cm Pie Dish for £2.99. delivery on this though will set you back £4.25 ...

Then I went to another online favourite - Amazon.
They will sell you a Falcon Enamel 20cm Oblong Dish also for £2.99, but this time delivery is only £1.20. A saving dear friends of £3.05, which would actually buy you Jamies Little Book of Big Treats which I think looks like a cute little cook book - and it's for charity. Say no more.

But ..I have not finished yet...Oh no, Siree ! For when I carried out ye old Googley search, I found the site that would beat all others. Proudly presenting... http://www.heritage-gifts.co.uk/ a company based up in Stroud in Gloucestershire. Their Falcon Enamel 22cm Pie Dish is only £3.01, and delivery is only £3.50.

I was able to order the following:

Falcon Enamel 8cm mug
Falcon Enamel 22cm Pie Dish
Falcon Enamel 28cm Bake Pan

Falcon Enamel16cm Pudding Basin  (I got two of these - perfect for Christmas Pudding gifts)

All of this for the grand total of £12.30, with £3.50 for delivery = £15.80 in total.
What excellent value. I placed the order on Friday evening, received the usual confirmation emails etc, and the consignment arrived today and it's only Tuesday. The package was extremely well wrapped, the invoice correct. All of the items are lovely - and I cannot wait to start using them !!
So, Heritage Gifts - you are my STAR of the week.

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