Thursday, February 17, 2011


This week  I have been thinking about the year ahead.. Yes, only just now, and yes, I know, it's nearly March.... That just about sums up my world, constantly chasing my tail.

Having done a post about my I was fifth woman success last year, I had not yet got round to redeeming the voucher that I had won against my next race. So, when we went to the triathlon show last weekend, and I saw that the Human Race event organizers had a stand, I asked them if I could still redeem my voucher and they said I could. So, I entered the  Whole Foods Market Breakfast Run 2011 this is on Sunday 27 March 2011.

I had also read, again before Christmas, a review of the Kielder marathon in 220 magazine. Billed as the most beautiful marathon in the UK, I thought silently to myself... If I ever do a marathon, let this be the one. It looked absolutely stunning.

Earlier this week, an email from Salomon dropped into the mailbox offering priority entry to the above marathon and having read about last year's trials of obtaining a place, I thought, This is my chance. So, guess what ?? I have signed up for my first ever marathon. I'm looking forward to it, although I know the training could get heavy, but like everything else, I will face that as I come to it.

Well, I hope you guys reading this are not like me and chasing your tail, and that maybe you might get chance to check out the links above...

But, for now, Nameste.

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