Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charity shop Shopping

Today when I took my jog, I jogged not in the woods (for a change!), but to a couple of charity shops that form a nice little jog route. Now that Cupcake's dance time has changed, I no longer get that 45 minutes to go and browse the shops. So, I combined it with my jog and did both. Perfect.

So, what am I looking for at these charity shops ? I'll be honest, it's mainly books and kitchen 'stuff' like pretty plates or cups, or little trinket boxes. I have a thing for trinket boxes. For example, I saw a lovely little tray-thingy which would have been great for Biscuit Boy's loose pocket change, that he tends to leave around, but I told myself 'No!'. Sometimes, often in fact, when I do that, I have later regretted it and rushed back the next day to see if it is still there, only to find it gone. A charity shop is not like any other shop, so there's never another one.. so I've learned that if I DO want it - get it NOW or regret it later..

So, what did I see today ? I was looking for coffee cups. Biscuit Boy and I bought an espresso machine recently and now need cups that are wide-rimmed and no more than 8cm in height. We found some nice ones in John Lewis for £6.00 each - they are a cream stoneware, with a wide rim. However, I just wanted to be sure that there wasn't something that I liked more for half the price! There wasn't, so we will go and get them at the weekend.

Thinking about it, I should probably write a review of the Espress machine on here (mental note to self!)

So, just what did I get today ? Cookbooks, what else ?

I found:

How to Eat by Nigella Lawson - not very often you see a Nigella book in the charity store..I was lucky there.

The Food of Love by Anthony Capella. A book about Italian Feasting. I have no prior knowledge of this book, so it's a dive into the unknown, which I'm looking forward to. This, I think, will be my next train book.

The Vodka Cookbook by John Rose. What is it about cooking with booze ? I'm always intrigued to discover how alcohol blends with food, especially when heated... So, I plan on trying a few of these

And that's all. If I had bought these three books from  I would have paid ten times more than I did.. and although they're ever so slightly 'used', they would be by the time I had read them anyway ! So, it matters not one jot, and that is what I call food for thought.

Exercise update: A nice jog between the Charity shops, not as long a jog as usual, but there were some serious hills, and having run for the last two days it was nice to take it easier.

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