Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gosport Half Marathon 2010

Tomorrow I will be competing in Gosport Half Marathon.. ( ). Eeek !!

I have been training well and for the last few weeks I have been on a couple of eight mile runs,  this has taken about ninety minutes. I am hoping to run the course tomorrow in less than 2 hours. You may recall that I did Hastings half marathon ( recently in 2:02 and that was a hilly course, so I live in hope...

I have been tapering the running all week, so this week my running was like this:

Sunday:  8 miles, nice and long and slow.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 mile run (Oaks Park)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday:  3 mile road run (too soggy for Oaks Park)

Friday/Saturday: Rest

So tomorrow my legs should be nicely rested. I have all of my kit sorted, including the race belt that I managed to forget last time.  I've also been eating lots of nice carbs for the last few days to ensure my muscles are fully stoked ! It's now 10.30pm so it's an early night for me and an early rise. Gosport is about two hours drive from South London. This will be my second race running for South London Harriers.

If I have the energy tomorrow, I will update this post with a brief report and time...

Wish me luck !!

An update:  Provisional Results: 1:55:05. This is my 'unofficial' 'race' time. My 'chip' time should be quicker, probably by about a minute. So, I'm absolutely VERY pleased with the result.

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