Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running and Christmas Cakes

Well I've not given up on the runnning, but things have been a little stale lately. We only managed one run whilst in France, so since we got back I have been stepping things up a little, and what better way to do that than signing up for another race !!

So, I will be completing Gosport half marathon on November 21st. In light of this I have had to step up the training and this is why I found myself out on an eight mile training run on Sunday. I took it nice and steady, some road and some off-road and not only had I been looking forward to it, I also enjoyed it. I wore my CompressSport calf supports and afterwards my legs felt great. Not at all tired.

I had planned to run on Monday with Biscuit Boy but rain ruined play, so I didn't run. On Tuesday I went to Oaks Park and did my usual 4 mile loop through the woods which is so pretty in the late autumn. Wednesday found me doing a'super sprints' session. I had planned to, quite literally, sprint up and jog down a hill in the park, but a super long bus journey meant that I missed the train back from work. Not wanting a training session to be ruined, I did the next best thing and found a closer hill  and sprinted up and jogged down that instead. It was good, my legs felt strong and not at all heavy. That makes me happy and positive in terms of the upcoming race. I did not run today (Thursday), I am tempted to run tomorrow, but as it will be a squashed-in between work and shopping run I am considering ditching those three or four junk miles for another quality eight-miler on Saturday. Saturday I will be running whatever the weather. Then next week I will taper ready for the race, hopefully learning from previous mistakes this time !!!

Oh, and yes, in between all that Cupcake did a swimming gala and swam very well. Biscuit Boy did the Windfarmer triathlon with the weather from hell, and I have been busy making Christmas Cakes, four so far and soon to be five.... Don't ask......

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