Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A day in the life of a Total Greek Yoghurt

When the lovely people at Total Greek Yoghurt kindly sent me some yoghurts to try out for my blog, I didn't just want to say that they tasted 'nice', blah, blah, blah... I thought it would be better to explain their 'journey', and see how they really fit into a 'standard', active family's lifestyle.

So, here we go.. they were delivered on Wednesday evening - 6th Feb - which incidentally is exactly a week ago, practically to the hour! Here are my family's yoghurty discoveries, listed in order of consumption.

Yoghurt 1 - Award-winnning Blueberry 0% Fat Free Total Greek Yoghurt - 10;00pm (6th Feb)

BB and CC swim three times per week, and  they always come back hungry. 'Can I have one of those yoghurts ?', asked BB. 'Sure, you can' was my reply .. ' ....but you have to tell me what you think of it'. The next time I looked up it was gone. 'Well ?' I asked.. 'Niiiiiiiiice' was his reply. So that wasn't a very good start was it !! I just grilled him again and he whispered... '...actually I prefer the Raspberry and Pomegranate.' I have to admit he's very much a Raspberry lover. Fair enough..

The Blueberry yoghurt is so lovely, it actually won this award!
Yoghurt 2 -Strawberry 0% Fat Free Total Greek Yoghurt - 07:00 (7th Feb)

I have an early start in central London. I'm on the train at 0600, and in the office by 0700. Breakfast is at my desk, or not at all. As BB arrived back from swimming, he found me chopping apricots and walnuts and pouring oats into little plastic boxes. I knew exactly what I would be having for breakfast. The Times' Robert Crampton calls it an 'ugly' breakfast, and yes, it doesn't look too pretty, but oh my, it was delicious.

I up-ended my yoghurt and strawberry mix into a bowl and sprinkled with oats, apricots, walnuts and seeds.
All I can say is, try it. You won't be disappointed and it kept me feeling full all morning. This is great because it meant I wasn't reaching for the Office 'cookie stash'. Well, not until a little later than usual anyway... tee hee.

Yoghurt 3 - Honey 0% Fat Free Total Greek Yoghurt - 1600 (Thursday 7th)

CC comes home from school and seeing the yoghurts arrive the previous evening, asks 'Mum, do those yoghurts come in honey ?' 'Yes', was my reply. Why? I asked. 'Because they're the only flavour I like .... can I have one ?' CC just will NOT eat a yoghurt with pureed fruit in it. Her yoghurt has to be smooth, or she's not having yoghurt. 'Have you had anything else to eat yet?' I questioned. 'No', she said ..'OK then, you can have one'. Later, I asked her what she thought.. 'It was a little bit sickly'...Yoghurt and honey are a lovely combination, but personally, I, like CC,  usually need to 'dilute' the sweetness with some fruit or nuts, or something.

If you have two children, you could add fruit and easily split one pot between them. I should mention at this point, that infants under 12 months old should not eat honey. For your toddler or school age children, this would be a perfect, healthy post-school snack.

Yoghurt 4 - Award-winning Blueberry 0% Fat Free Total Greek Yoghurt - 0700 -  Me (Friday 8th)

I wondered how the blueberry would go with the 'ugly' mix, so I was determined to give it a go.
The blueberries were quite sweet and had a nice perfumed taste - I liked it ! It reminded me of the perfumed taste from homemade blueberry muffins - yum! Of course, this is better, because there's 0% fat, (which is a very good thing), and 100% flavour.

This lucky little yoghurt also had it's own photo shoot this morning. Just how good does the life of an award-winning Total Greek Yoghurt get ?

Yoghurt 5 - Raspberry and Pomegranate (BB - Friday 8th - 2200)

BB and CC returned from swimming with fish and chips from the local take away. We don't eat fish and chips very often, because it can be quite flavourless and quite unhealthy, in fact I can't remember the last time  we ate it - usually we eat it on the beach in Brighton. It just seems to taste nicer eaten outside, next to the sea. However, last night, the batter on the fish was crisp and thin. Lovely!

After this feast, there was no way I could eat anything else, although I did eat a tiny bit of dark chocolate. BB decided to have a 0% fat Total Greek Raspberry and Pomegranate yoghurt, and he actually dipped dark chocolate into it. Now, to me, that just sounds gross, but CC tried it, and she liked it too. It just goes to show that you never can quite tell what your Total Greek yoghurt will go with next !

Yoghurts 6,7, and 8 (Raspberry and Pomegranate (me!), Honey (CC) and Strawberry (BB) - Sunday 10 Feb - 5.30

BB and I ran 8 miles in the rain and mud on Sunday, it was really hard going and afterwards we changed and went to our favourite place for brunch: Woodcote Green Nurseries. We both had warm flatbread sandwiches, I had the ham, cheese and tomato chutney and BB, the chicken, bacon and cheese. Both served with winter coleslaw, and chunky crisps. It was just what we both needed. That saw us through to about 5pm, when I came downstairs and said I was going to have a yoghurt. I asked BB if he had eaten anything since lunch. 'Yes, I just had one of those yoghurts, the strawberry one....' 'And?' I said. 'How was it ?' Lovely and jammy he said. The jammy is a little bit like jelly.

I tipped mine into a bowl, added walnuts and mixed it until it looked like thick, glossy pink paint. 'Umm...' said CC,  'Can I try some ?'. 'Of course !' I said, albeit reluctantly. 'That's really nice, can I have one .. ?' CC asked. Was CC really going to eat a yoghurt with Strawberries in it ? Alas, no.. 'I'm going to have a honey one', she added.

And there we have it, a lovely little filling afternoon snack and another three lovely yoghurts.. gone !

The last one - boo-hoo ! - One lovely Total Greek Yoghurt 0% Fat with Honey - Feb 13 (TBD)

As I'm writing about these yoghurts, I've decided that I am going to snarfle and savour the last one later tonight ! And I am quite looking forward to it!

As you can see, we have eaten these yoghurts for breakfast, for dessert, as an afternoon pick-me-up, an after school snack, and a post-workout protein fix. It's the perfect, no-fat (0%) dairy product for the whole family. Next time you're out shopping give them a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed !

A special thank you to the folks at Total Greek Yoghurt for providing these products for us to try out here.

Disclaimer: All opinions provided are my own. 

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