Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grim 2012

An amazing race through thigh-deep water and the squidgiest mud.

That's me in red, taking the path of least resistance !

I last did the race in 2008 and I recall that I enjoyed it immensely. Saturday was no different. I loved it ! It was freezing cold though, and often those puddles were also full of pieces of ice.

Race stats were as follows. Distance is 8 miles over varied terrain.

Time: 1:20:55
Position 863/ 2900 (or so)
Age group position (35-40) 17\198

I was approximately 4-5 minutes quicker than when I completed the race in 2008, which equates to about 400 places higher up. That's quite a lot huh ?

If you fancy checking it out, here's the web site:

Now, on to my next challenge... did I hear someone say BallBuster ????
Check out this link:

I think that first photo on the web page says it all... The BallBuster dualthon is not for the faint-hearted.

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