Tuesday, June 12, 2012

South End Half Marathon - A review

Well, that was an interesting race. Flat as a pancake, so perfect if you're hoping for a 'pb'. I was hoping for a personal best, I was hoping for around two hours, or maybe less than two hours. It was not to be.

'What went wrong this time?', I can hear you muttering under your breath.. Two things, firstly it was blinking boiling hot again, oh how I hate running in the sun, and I didn't have my water carrier, so every time I needed a drink, I had to stop and walk. I reckon that costs me about 10 seconds a stop, of which I made six in total. That's sixty seconds lost.

Muck up number two, oh how poignant those very words are, basically, just for a change I had a dodgy tum. I ate late the night before, I had breakfast, and I had tummy ache before I even left the house to start the 90min car journey to the race start. At mile 4, I was lucky enough to spot a loo. Another 2-odd minutes lost.

I continued to have a dicky tum for the rest of the day, although I did manage to get to the end of the race, without rushing to the loo again.

So, what was my final time ? A heart-wrenching 2:00:04  - yes, 2 hours and 4 seconds. Based on all the above I was OK with that. I was 36th female in my age group. And something like 786th out of 1485 runners, so that's OK as well.

Yet again, I have no future races on the horizon, so there's everything to go for.. If you want to recommend a race, please do leave me a comment and let me know.

To end on a highlight, I did the Nonsuch Bank Holiday Park Run on Monday and did the 5km in a personal best time of 24:55 - yippeee!


  1. Congratulations on your parkrun pb!

  2. Thank you Abradypus. I was very pleased. :o)

  3. well done. come run the half in Amsterdam in October. Flat and cool. you'll bust 2h.

  4. Hi Chris, Thank you for dropping by my blog. That sounds like a great idea - I would love to come to Amsterdam. I have bust 2 hours before.. 1:54:34 for Gosport Half Marathon, and 1:58:15 for Hastings Half Marathon, both in 2010. I will look into it! All the best, Kg.


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