Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wish List 2012

Other than wishing for health and happiness for my loved ones and, of course, world peace, here follows a list of items that I am covetting this year....

Smeg Fridge Freezer

I would particularly like the pale blue model, as this will go nicely in My French Kitchen in Labour of Love. I had originally thought I wanted a large American style fridger-freezer, you know the type, the ones that have two full length metal doors and an ice-cooler/water-chiller. Anyway, I realised that a huge American style fridge was not the way to go, and that it would look too bulky in the room. Also, as long as I can freeze some ice creams, rapidly chill champagne (or blanquette), and store the odd box of fish fingers, why else would I need a huge freezer when on holiday ?? Exactly.

Which leads me nicely on to ...

A Wine Cooler

It would be totally decadent to have a wine cooler fridge thingy in Labour of Love in France. It's never going to happen as it's over £400, you can get cheaper models for about £150, but as this is my wish list, I am going to put the one I would really like if I was willing to spend that amount of money...

Of course the wine could go in that lovely Smeg fridge above, you are thinking, but wait,  the fridge will be located on a different level to the terrace (where I plan to be sitting and drinking cooled wine), and if I had the wine cooler I could step from the terrace to the den/bottom layer where the wine fridge would be positioned right near the door, and quickly be back under the umbrella and reading my book. No ?

(Here's a link to the above btw, in case you are feeling decadent (and rich):

OK, maybe in another life, which therefore means I must 'need' this instead:

Champagne bucket

This would be lovely, and would mean I wouldn't even need to move from my seat to fill my glass. Ha!
You can get this from Amazon for less than fifteen quid! What a bargain!

This of course means that the Smeg freezer will need to be packed full of ice !

OK, thinking about home for a little while ...

Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment

It's not that I want to start eating load of ice cream (hardly!), but I would quite like to experiment with the lighter side of frozen desserts, in terms of sorbets and frozen yoghurts. It's a shame to have invested such a lot in a Kitchen Aid and not take full of advantage of it.. The attachment from the site below is £77.00.

What else ? There is sure to be many more items, but it's tea time so I'm off to cook!

I had a great time in Wing Yip my local chinese supermarket earlier today, so I am going to go and try out my new steamer (thank you bro) which I received for Christmas, and make Chinese steamed sea bass with noodles, oyster mushroom and pak choi. You never know, I might even take a photo or two..

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