Monday, January 16, 2012

Boxhill - Cycling In Cold Weather

The 11 mile run went well yesterday - actually I was aching at the end, but we still went on our bike ride which we had arranged to do on our day off today. I took CC to breakfast club and then returned home where BB was preparing the bikes.

It's a nice road route for us up to Boxhill, so it's an opportunity to dig out the the racing bikes. The route is undulating so some steep up hills followed by some steep down hills and a little bit of fast flat parts, so there's plenty of time to recover from the hills. There was a frost this morning, so plenty of layers and 2 pairs of gloves for me, as well as my Compresssport calf guards, long running leggings, and a pair of cycling shorts. On 'top' was a warm base layer, a long sleeved running top and a windcheater jacket. Then there's the 'buffy' and my cycling helmet - so I was nice and warm. My only cold part was my feet, which felt like absolute blocks of ice, that's because I was wearing only one pair of (running) socks and a pair of trainers which have a meshed top...

When we reached Boxhill (which is a National Trust are of outstanding beauty) we stuffed our faces with cake and coffee - like you do, before heading back.

In total we cycled 44km - not bad for a Monday morning. :o)

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