Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ruth's Chinese Noodles

Cupcake has a new friend, her friend is Chinese and lately as the girls have spent more time together, I have also become closer with her mom and her extended family.

Ruth is just like any other friend, well actually that's wrong, in the short time that we have been friends, I am realising that this could be the start of a long and special friendship, which gives me a lovely feeling when that happens. A new friendship is special.

Today we spent most of the day hanging out taking part in various school things, I missed lunch and ended up at her house later on, (when I took her some flowers), eating noodles. I have to say Ruth cooks excellent Chinese food for her family, and whenever I am there she has something bubbling on the pot and is shoving a spoon into my mouth. As you can imagine her house and her cooking is heaven to me. The noodles were delicious. I asked her for the recipe and I came straight home and made it.. It was delicious.

Here's what I did:


Feeds 2

1 pack of unsmoked bacon (fat removed)
7 'rounds' of vermicelli pasta (Ruth had used vermicelli rice noodles)
1 clove garlic
2-3tsp Shaohsing rice wine
3tbsp sesame oil
A handful of Vegetables sliced (Ruth used celery, I used mange tout)
3 eggs (beaten)
Dark soy sauce (to taste)


1. Chop the bacon and mange tout and marinade it in the rice wine, garlic and half of the sesame oil. Marinate for as long as possible, but at least 20 minutes...
2. Meanwhile cook the vermicelli in boiling water and once cooked refresh in cold water, and then leave to drain.
3. Put the rest of the sesame oil in a frying pan, heat the oil and then fry the bacon marinade mix.
4. When it is cooked, add the eggs. I poured them over, so they formed a sort of omelette which I then sliced into strips with my spatula and spread through the bacon mix.
5. I then added a dash of soy sauce to my bacon mix and then I tipped in the noodles.
6. I broke up the noodles into little pieces (which is what Ruth had done) rather than leaving long spaghetti strands.
7. Taste and add more soy sauce if it's needed/
8. Tip on a plate and Eat !

You could steam some broccoli and then toss that with a little sesame oil and sesame seeds and have that as a side if you wanted.

I am about to go and eat some more of this. I will take a photo and post later. It doesn't look that pretty, and I think I will mix some brocolli through it, but believe me when I tell you that this is seriously tasty and mega quick to make.

I don't know how to say Bon Appetit in Chinese, but as Ruth teaches Chinese, the next time I see her. I will ask her if she can do me a French-English-Chinese translation. :o)

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