Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kielder Marathon - Sunday 9 October 2011

So, it's time to get serious. That data above is the date I am signed up to complete Kielder Marathon.

It's been 11 days since my breast biopsy and with the OK from the consultant to continue my running, today I went out full of renewed energy and a spring in my step. The sun was shining, but only very briefly. Suddenly, the skies opened and the rain fell down on me for the rest of my run. I was only running to Cupcake's school and in the 11 days that I as off the running, I think I cycled the same route about 2 or 3 times. The one thing I noticed ? How much slower running is than cycling. The cycle ride takes me 15-20 minutes, whereare the run today took me 35 minutes - it's about 3  miles or so.

It was raining, and I was soaked, and I thought to myself everyone else would think why is that crazy woman running in the rain, but I' m not a fairweather runner. I quite enjoyed getting wet. Running in the rain reminds me that I am alive, and that I am lucky enough to be able-bodied and be out running. In October when I stand on the start line, am I going to say that I can't run ... because it's raining ??? Duh, of course not ! The best thing I can do is to have trained in all sorts of climates so that on the day I am not taken by surprise.

This marathon training lark has me thinking about the following :

Kit - today I tried out my new Shockabsorber running bra - it was £32.99 and worth every penny. '78% less bounce' it said on the label and I believe it. I would highly recommend it.

Nutrition - I know what to eat, but it's a question of getting it right on the day and not having tummy troubles.

Route - I need new routes to keep the training interesting

Cross-training - Swimming and yoga - I need to fit these in somewhere

If anyone has any marathon training tips I would be chuffed to receive them !

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  1. Great to hear that you're back running and totally agree about the importance of training cone rain and come shine.


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